7 Traits of a High Value Man — by The Womanly Report

He’s the man of my dreams?

If you met the man of your dreams tomorrow would you be able to recognize him? Assuming you’ve dated your fair share of dusties, as have I, and now you’re ready to level up in the dating game do you know what that looks like? 781 more words

7 Traits of a High Value Man —

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What Ezra Really Meant To Say To Thrawn…

Wow. I-I don’t know what to say… I didn’t think…How?

Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars

You think you can take whatever you want. Things you didn’t make. Didn’t earn. Things you don’t even understand. You don’t deserve to have this art or Lothal.

Original Quote By EZRA BRIDGER

Video here: https://youtu.be/7IXqY5UhPuM

What Ezra meant to say:

You think you can take whoever you want. People you hurt. Didn’t earn your trust. People you don’t even understand. You don’t deserve to have Sabine or her art!

Thrawn says that he will destroy Lothal but he saved Sabine Wren’s art. Then tells Ezra that she is quite talented, but since he is destroying Lothal, she will die. Thrawn is tormented with Sabine Wren’s demise because his eyes flash from his emotional outburst.

For the amount of emotion Thrawn shows, it does not amount to the response Ezra returned. If Thrawn is mocking Ezra over his relationship with Sabine, Ezra failed to sense through the Force, Thrawn’s derision…

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 – Pretty Woman Sabine

Art by savu0211 on DeviantArt. Commissioned by PM for SWAG77

In the Penthouse in Canto Bight on the planet, Cantonnica, Sabine Wren prepares for the night in the bathroom. She is wearing a peach sleeveless nightdress. She fluffs her hair to remove the bangs from her eyes, and she walks out of the bathroom to see the Grand Admiral Thrawn in the bed sleeping. She bites her lips with a giggle, “He does sleep.”

Thrawn sleeps half-sitting in the large comfy bed with light gray sheets. His chest is bare. Sabine walks by him carefully to not to awaken him. She sits next to him, gazing at his body form as a grin slowly glides across her face.  

Here, together, she takes the initiative to gently kiss her index finger to fling strands of Thrawn’s hair out of his face as she moves down his face and puts her fingers on Thrawn’s lips. She slowly moves toward his face and softly kisses his cheek. She hesitates for a moment to wonder if she should make out with him while he sleeps. She presses her lips on his lips. 

His eyes blink open to focus as he awakens. He sits up as his arms wrap around to embrace Sabine kissing her passionately.

For both, it felt like the world swirled around them while the couple lies on it, continually kissing passionately. In a rush, Sabine removes her nightdress as she gazes into Thrawn’s red eyes and then devours him with more kisses.

They have a great make-out session intimately together. Sabine feels completely satisfied as she notices his sweat glistens on Thrawn’s body. He sleeps satisfied again, as he holds Sabine in his arm, as they spoon each other. But, Sabine feels her insides, wanting to burst from excitement and joy. She lies awake as she smiles ear to ear. She strokes his arms the crosses her body. Then she says, “I love you.”  Then she closes her eyes to sleep.

SWAG77 AU Fanfic: The Fancy Dress Ball & The Photograph. A #Thrawn x #SabineWren Ship

Screenshot of excerpt from AO3. A B&W Photograph of Thrawn x Sabine at the Fancy Dress Ball

Written by Ty’gen Doughtryss and Edited by DrG- of SWAG77.

For the entire fanfic story, visit our Patreon. Proceeds go to further my group’s organization, Star Wars Actor’s Guild 77 to promote reading, writing and performing Star Wars stories on Social Media safe space for diverse people with unique ideas. Writing to heal.