More Headcanon of The Queen of Mandalore

These images were generated by MidJourney AI. Sabine Wren is the daughter of a Countess, making her royalty should she take on the title of her mother. But due to the vacuum of leadership and the fact that Sabine won the Darksaber by ritual combat as a Mandalorian, she is the rightful ruler of Mandalore. Because of the Darksaber, that makes her the Queen of Swords – a tarot card.

She is supposed to lead Mandalore.

These images are only suggestions and headcanon.

The Queen of Mandalore: Sabine Wren – SWAG77 RP Fanfic Plan Nav Coordinates

The Queen of Mandalore: Her Royal Highness Sabine Wren

Star Wars Performance University

We have been working on an RP fanfic for Sabine Wren since 2014 that should be inline with the official Star Wars current canon. We are not usurping or purporting our AU canon overrides Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars. As the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77), we like to play along with the current canon and add a few tidbits as to why they made confident plot choices. We do not get exclusive secret spy information about Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars plot choices. Instead, we gather evidence through literature reviews and production and actors’ comments and then formulate speculative hypotheses to predict courses of action that we think Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars might take.

For SABINE WREN – our central hypothesis is in THE MANDALORIAN, she will obtain the Darksaber through ritual combat and survive again. We have several pieces of data that support this hypothesis, and we discuss this…

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What is this about?

These images were generated by MidJourney artificial intelligence (ai) with keywords. Those images were changed by variations and upscaling for ~40 iterations.

Then the final desired image was a faceswap of the MidJourney AI image to Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s face, the actress who will play live-action Sabine Wren character in the upcoming Ahsoka TV Show with the Reface ai program.

After faceswapping the first image was changed by FaceApp ai for ~20 iterations.

The use of the Photoshop program for watermarking.

These are the results to share with Star Wars Sabine Wren fans.

Choose your favorite and tell us in the discussion, comment or tweet.

Sabine loves her fans.

SW MJ Adult Sabine Wren by AI Art Modification with NLB Overlay.

Adult Sabine Wren with burgundy/purple/orange “Mandalorian” armor (based on AI) and ~burgundy deep red hair.

Art modification of fan based concept ai by @midjourney for SW @sabinewren77 using reface, faceapp, photoshop (laptop, express and fix).


Created this image for fun with the algorithm. Took several iterations and several programs for fan art satisfaction.

The image has Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s face. She will be playing the live action Sabine Wren character in the Ahsoka TV Show.

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The Queen Sabine Wren of Mandalore in #Star Wars

Fair Use per Creative Commons License and Electronic Interferences by Disney Corporation and Lucasfilm Ltd for all images. Agreements and all actors and Ariafya LLC. No profit was made for the production of videos. For entertainment purposes only classified as fair use parody. The information available only by mailed written request. Click links with purchase provide infinitesimal %remuneration to this fan group for partial funding for the cost of doing legal business.

Reface and Photoshop using Natasha Liu Bordizzo on the clip. Enjoy!

This image is based off a “what if” headcanon by SWAG77.

What if Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian that won the Darksaber in Mandalorian Ritual Combat was put on the Mandalorian Throne to rule all of Mandalore like the Mandalorian Protector, Fenn Rau said when he spoke to Kanan Jarrus (Jedi Caleb Dume)?

The Legacy of the Darksaber and the first Mandalorian Jedi Tarre Vizsla

What would the “Queen of Mandalore” look like?

Sabine Wren would look like the above – absolutely beautiful.

Fans will say, Sabine Wren gave away the Darksaber to Bo-Katan Kryze. To that we say, Sabine Wren knew she could not LEAD the Mandalorians. What kind of leadership training in democracy did Sabine have? She needed it. To rule her people in a “constitutional monarchy”.

Who put Sabine Wren on the Mandalorian Throne?

The Mandalorian Throne as Kanan Jarrus said requires raising an army — a military. It would need to be someone who can run an entire military with strategies and tactics. Who could that be?

  • Bo-Katan can’t do it, she has already failed and she only knows how to fight.
  • Fenn Rau can’t do it, he is only a Mandalorian police force.
  • Boba Fett, while a ruler, is a criminal underground ruler that still uses dictatorial methods.
  • Din Djarin is a bounty hunter with honor that can fight a war. Currently he has the Darksaber. Technically, he could be the ruler of Mandalore, and he won it in combat — but NOT FROM A MANDALORIAN.

The Darksaber compelled Sabine Wren to pick it up. It is as if it chose her after Darth Maul left it on the ground. Previously, Sabine Wren fought with the Darksaber when the Nightsister spiritually possessed her. When she touches the Darksaber possessed, afterward, she is permanently connected to it through the Force.

Everything in Star Wars must be in the context of “Where is the Force or What is the Force doing?”

Sabine was taught to wield the Darksaber by Kanan Jarrus, and after she broke through her psychological block to fight with a unique weapon, Kanan, Fenn Rau, and Ezra Bridger kneel and pledge their loyalty to her.

Usually, these stories will be told that Sabine Wren will become a leader, usually as a royal and monarchy. Since Sabine Wren is wielding a “magic sword,” she is meant to be similar to King Arthur’s tale of the Lady of the Lake.

Star Wars Rebels Trials of the Darksaber ending where others pledge their fealty to Sabine

However, we think that Sabine will not hide the Darksaber like the Lady of the Lake, that she will rule Mandalorians with another Ritual Combat against Din Djarin or someone else. She will take back the Darksaber because the hands who have had it have been irresponsible in their rule.

The Lady of the Lake holding Excalibur from King Arthur’s Legends.

In The Mandalorian and Ahsoka TV shows, we predict this is how this story will be told. Why? Because there is another strong trope called The Queen of Swords that says ruling people judiciously with an organized military. The Mandalorians have lacked a formal military for a long time. We predict, Sabine will be the stabilizing factor to form a formal military.

The trope of the “Queen of Swords”

As for who’s side will they be on: Imperial Remnant vs The New Republic? Neither. It would be “FOR MANDALORE”

But who can organize a Mandalorian Military when Mandalorians are always at each others’ throats?

SW Natasha Liu Bordizzo Deepfake as Sabine Wren

There are hardly any new pictures of Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Sabine Wren. Someday there will be. But to get an idea, deepfake technology can be used to create images.

This image was create Reface, FaceApp, Photoshop Express all on a mobile phone (iPhone11Pro).

Several iterations were created for the final image. It is not perfect and a WIP as there were walls hit. This image might be redone.

Deepfake final


Star Wars fans tend to cherry-pick tiny scenes in series or movies. Then, they exaggerate and confabulate meanings of stories to predict outcomes for entire television series or movies rather than reviewing all the literature in Star Wars. Reading Star Wars literature explains how these stories are written. An educated guess – hypothesis can be created with business outcomes and actor profiles to better any prediction.

What fans do when they cherry-pick it can lead to confirmation bias – the finding small scenes (data) to force proof of a prediction as absolute truth (conclusion), which usually does not have control and null prediction (hypothesis).

Any fan that dissents deviate or different perspective is condemned and subjected to derision. That leads to harassment from the Star Wars Toxic Fandom (The Fandom Menace).

The Star Wars Darksaber story for Sabine Wren starts at Star Wars Rebels “Visions & Voices” here:

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has evaluated all the relevant episodes of Star Wars Rebels, including Sabin Wren and the Darksaber. We have formed a working hypothesis. From this episode, Star Wars Rebels Voices and Vision, we at SWAG77 think that this episode is the first to the start of the Sabine Wren and Darksaber story.

Our control and nulls hypothesis is:

The Darksaber wielded by any user kills Sabine Wren.

Generally, when creating a hypothesis, one needs to make ONE HYPOTHESIS AT A TIME. A hypothesis is an educated guess based on present data and results available in the public record. Educated guess must be coordinated with a review of ALL the literature on the subject matter, knowledge of external ideas that can be experimented with nulls, and controls to lead to data and results for conclusions. It cannot be from only one scene – or one episode, season or series, or movie. It is several.

In this examination and explanation, one episode is being used to demonstrate the process. Other episodes have been examined similarly, and scenes have been broken down to explain SWAG77’s rationale.

In Visions and Voices: The Nightsisters possess Sabine Wren to wield the Darksaber through MAJICKS, a form of the Force. In Star Wars, since the beginning, the FORCE IS ALWAYS FLOWING. Whatever is happening THROUGH THE FORCE is included with our data for results to make the conclusions.

MAJICKs can be slightly different from Sorcery. The difference is, Sorcery can be wielded by anyone who learns. MAJICKs are what Force Wielders can do if they understand and train to use them. Force Wielders can use both Majicks and Sorcery.

Nightsisters learn and train on Majicks, part of that seen in The Clone Wars: Season 4 Massacre.

In Legends, they do much more Majicks. The Majicks are not necessarily part of the Dark Side of the Force. They are another aspect of the Force, not extremes. Powers of Majicks are still being discovered, and the Nightsisters learn and practice new ways to protect themselves. Generally, Sith dislike learning to wield the Force through Majicks, so Sith do not like Nightsisters’ Force abilities through Majicks. Sith tend to fight with Nightsisters for control.

There is a long-standing trope of women (witches) who use “magic” in stories as the sole source of their power, meaning only Nightsisters use Majicks, and men do not. The story “Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan created the Ao Sedai women who wield magic, a general story trope.

That does not mean Star Wars stole the trope. It just means that generally, all genres use tropes to build plots with modifications to form new stories.

Visit for more information.

Based on SWAG77’s reading (literature review), when the Nightsisters possessed and released Sabine Wren, the Force connected to her indirectly leaving infinitesimal bits (midichlorians) in her. The Darksaber crystal activated with her and “felt” the Force power through Sabine.

There are tropes about possession, and then there are the real-life oral tradition and written stories about possession. In real life, when someone is possessed at a spiritual ritual, the possession never leaves one’s body ultimately. It is ever-present. The story is in the book “Serpent & The Rainbow.”

Based on what we see in Star Wars Rebels Season 2, “Voices & Visions,” the visions of Sabine Wren holding the Darksaber outside the Nightsister temple, Sabine realizes what the Darksaber was (data). SWAG77 thinks this act with the entire episode is the first connection to the Darksaber with Sabine (conclusion); SWAG77 only sees it as a start as the “rate-limiting step” to a more giant story hypothesis.

In hypothesis creation, study questions further the central hypothesis’ theme and rationale:

WHY did the Darksaber choose Sabine Wren?

It cannot be because the Darksaber and Sabine Wren connected through the Force in this episode. A circular argument can lead to erroneous conclusions and confirmation bias. Moreover, we have recognized the Darksaber before in Star Wars The Clone Wars with Pre Vizsla and Darth Maul.

The data that supports the “WHY” is the TITLE of the episode: VISION.

Often possessions can lead to visions; not always, but in this case, either the Darksaber or Sabine Wren or both had visioned.

So, @SWAG_77 studied the data, looked at the results to reach our conclusions, and we continued further with other episodes.

Originally tweeted by Sabine Wren (@SabineWren77) on March 20, 2022.